What is laser therapy?

Eve Bestwick Veterinary Physiotherapy now offers Class 3B Laser Therapy. The physiological responses to Low Level Laser Therapy involve stimulation of the body's natural healing processes, optimising repair and helping to restore normal cellular function.

Benefits of laser therapy

  • Pain relief

  • Wound healing

  • Fracture healing

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Bruising/Swelling

  • Arthritis management

  • Post operative management 

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Trigger point release

  • Maintenance purposes 

How laser can help

Being a non-invasive, drug-free and affording pain relief, laser is well-accepted by patients. Animals often visibly relax during treatment - a result of reduced pain through nociceptor modulation and ability to increase endorphin release. It is also an excellent tool for post-surgical healing. Usable over pins and plates with research showing its positive effects on the re-growth of both bone and nerve as well as soft tissue.